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At Empire Masonry Heaters, our goal is to produce affordable, do-it-yourself friendly, masonry heaters, masonry heater veneers and wood fired ovens, all in kit form. You or your mason should be able to assemble any of our kits within 2 days, resulting in an efficient, functional, long lasting, and beautiful wood fired home heater or oven.

We invite you to use our website as an introduction to our products, and see what would fit into your home.

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Just a few comments from some of our many satisfied customers...
"Thanks so much, Jonathan. Your wonderful energy is now in our great heater that will be the heart of the house. All the best to your beautiful family!"
-Fred McCaleb, Gunnison, CO
"Thank you for doing a Great Job on our fireplace. We live it!! Your passion for the Adirondack Style really shows. It is exactly what we imagined it would be."
-Paul & Lynn Gregson, Conesus, NY
"I really love my masonry heater. It's the perfect place to stand next to when coming in from working outside in the fall and winter months, it really warms me up fast. A 62 degree air temperature with the heater feels like 74 with the old forced air furnace."
-Charles Knerr, Scottsville, NY

What is a Masonry Heater?

A masonry heater is a partial or whole house heater which operates by capturing the heat generated by a quick, hot wood fire lasting just a few hours, then releasing the stored heat over the course of a day. It differs from a traditional wood stove in that it has a large thermal mass, which stores and releases heat long after the fire has gone out. This feature, coupled with the construction to take a quick, intense fire, allows the masonry heater to provide the same amount of heat as a traditional wood stove, while burning for 10% of the time and using only one third to of the wood of a traditional wood stove.

Masonry heaters have their roots in many different countries in Europe and Asia, where limited wood supply necessitated a very efficient appliance which could radiate heat for hours with just a small amount of fuel used. As with other things, each culture developed it's own type of masonry heater, giving them unique names based on their history or construction: contraflow, kachelofen (tile stove), putzofen, grundofen, kakelugnar, kakelugn, radiant fireplace, radiant stove, Russian fireplace, and others. At Empire Masonry Heaters, instead of focusing on one of these technologies as other companies do, we like to take the best ideas from all of these technologies and incorporate them into our masonry heaters.

At Empire Masonry Heaters, we strive to produce the best product we can through third party testing. Two different models of our masonry heater core kits have been tested at a third party, accredited EPA lab, and both units tested well under the Colorado and Washington State regulatory limit on emissions. Additionally, our Envirotech Classic core is on the approved list for Washington State, satisfies the requirements of Colorado Air Pollution Control Regulation Number 4, Section IV, and also qualifies for a $300 tax credit in the state of Oregon. You can read more about the testing at our Lab Tests & Regulations page.

The Exclusive Envirotech™ Core System:

At the center of every Empire Masonry Heater is the Envirotech™ Radiant Fireplace technology. Our heaters are the only American-made, third-party tested, modular heater kit on the market. After numerous years of research and training with several European master stove builders and their experience building hundreds of masonry heaters in North America, the creators of the Envirotech™ Radiant Fireplace designed this easy-to-build kit-type masonry heater using innovative, precision cast components which lock together for ease of construction. Empire Masonry Heaters now exclusively manufactures the Envirotech™ for customers on the East Coast.

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We've dug out some old videos to so you can get an idea of how our cores go together. The video is in 4 parts and is approximately 35 minutes in length. By watching it, you can get a good idea of how our quickly and easily our heater cores go up.

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